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Dhoop Sticks- Lavender Fragrance

₹ 129


( inclusive of taxes)

Looking for a natural and relaxing way to refresh your home or office? Look no further than these Lavender Fragrance Natural Dhoop Sticks from Helpusgreen. Made with 100% natural ingredients, they emits a floral yet 'sweet and soft' scent of lavender and sandalwood that is perfect for filling any space with a calming and refreshing atmosphere.

Not only does the fragrance serve as a great stress reliever, but it also promotes positive thinking and clarity of thoughts - making it the perfect addition to any aromatherapy diffuser. The sticks come in a handy 25, so you can enjoy the benefits of their calming scent for weeks to come. Why not try them out today and see for yourself.

 Product Details

  • Quantity- 25 Sticks