&Me PCOS Cranberry 200 mL
&Me PCOS Cranberry 200 mL

&Me PCOS Cranberry 200 mL

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&Me PCOS Cranberry, Women’s Health drink - Hormonal Balance [200ml each]
Product Description:
Find it difficult to unbox PCOS mysteries? Not a big fan of supplements and medicines? Don’t have the time? We feel you!

We at &Me have strived to curate a blend of 5 Ayurvedic super herbs and Micronutrients to alleviate PCOS. Powered by Lodhra, Vitamin B12 and Zinc, this drink provides Hormonal Balance, improves Immunity and boosts Metabolism for women with PCOS. In this drink, Cranberry, world renowned for its Metabolic Benefits, is combined with Beetroot, Apples and a spec of Vanilla to elevate your senses and give your taste buds a twirl.

Pack Size - 8

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