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20+ Romantic Dating Ideas For Couples That One Should Not Miss

20+ Romantic Dating Ideas For Couples That One Should Not Miss

20+ Romantic Dating Ideas For Couples That One Should Not Miss

Going out on dates is important, not only because it’s fun but it is essential to keep the spark alive in a relationship. But, coming up with unique date ideas after having gone through the movie and dinner date nights over and over again can get a little challenging. Fostering a deeper connection with your partner is what keeps the relationship solid and coming up with more than just dinner date ideas is important to keep the romance intact. 

There are more ways to have the best date with your partner without even having to spend a lot of money in planning the ideal date ideas. But whether you’re looking to spice up your date night or some fun and creative activities that you can do with your partner, you’re at the right place. We have curated a list of 20+ romantic best date ideas for couples that you just can’t miss. 

Uncover 20+ Romantic Dating Ideas For Couples

Coming up with perfect date ideas that are as exciting as your relationship can’t get easier. These 20+ romantic date ideas are just what you need to do with your partner to make your dates memorable! 

1. Tour An Art Gallery

‘Loving’ is a form of art and what is a better way to strengthen your connection with your partner by taking a tour of an art gallery? Understanding the work of some of the most world renowned artists, or recognising the local talent of the place you live in, it does not get more romantic than that.

2. Stay At A Bed & Breakfast 

Whether you want to go old school and find a cute cottage or rent an AirBNB and cook breakfast together. A weekend getaway is something you have to do with your partner as one of the perfect date ideas. 

3. Act Like A Tourist In Your Hometown 

When you have stayed in one city for too long, you might forget to stop and see it from a tourist’s perspective. Take a day and hit the local spots and heritage sites that you have not visited before and explore the magic of your city with these one of a kind date ideas. 

4. Plan A Picnic At A Park

A beautiful weather, some freshly squeezed fruit juice or a bottle of wine, sandwiches, cheese, berries, all packed in a picnic basket and a cute throw blanket, does it even get more romantic than that?

5. Attend A Painting Workshop Together 

Channel your inner creativity with fun, interactive sessions and workshops organised in your city. To spice it up, you can even drive to a nearby city and attend a workshop if it’s happening there. This can allow you and your partner to flirt with each other as well as with the new found talent you might discover. 

6. Watch A Movie At A Drive-in Theatre

Enjoy a date night at a drive-in cinema. With your own popcorn and coke and your partner's hand in your hand, this counts for one of the very cute date ideas without having to spend too much. 

7. Do a Baking Night Together 

All good things end in dessert, so what’s better than baking that dessert together? It’s always fun to practise a new skill and it gets even better when you do it together. You can go basic with a chocolate cake or take an extra step and try out a recipe for a dessert you have been dying to taste. And who is to say, maybe have a lot of fun doing it?😉

8. Book a Couple’s Spa Session

Mark your calendar, take a break and give yourself and your partner a well deserved spa day. There’s no better treat than a much needed relaxation day after living up to a hectic schedule, and it becomes even better when you do it together. 

9. Attend a Concert 

If you share the same music taste with your partner, there’s nothing better than attending a concert of your favourite artist together! Even if you don’t have the same music preferences, you can always go out and attend a concert or hear a local band play. It’s the moment and experience that matters. Listening to live music and being present in that moment while relating to the music with your partner is nothing short of a magical experience and one of the best date ideas for couples.

10. Do a Book Exchange 

Trade your favourite book with theirs and read that. After you’re finished, plan an evening over some tea or coffee and discuss the two books, the plot, the writing, the characters and your favourite part of the book. It will bring you closer than you think. 

11. Get On A Local Bus and Go Where It Takes You 

Hop on a local bus in your city and just go with where it takes you, get down at spots you have not seen before and just explore the city in ways you would never do on a regular basis. 

12. Watch The Sunrise and Sunset Together

There’s a reason why all the books and romantic movies end with a couple walking into the sunset together. It’s beautiful, romantic and surreal. Witnessing the sky change its colours and waking up with the sun rising or calling it a night as the sun goes down, this date idea for couples is quiet and peaceful and what more does one need anyway? 

13. Volunteer Together

Whether it is to go to an orphanage, a blind school, an old age home, or an animal shelter, pay a visit and donate food, clothes or money. Maybe, even serve them food and spend some quality time with them. It is the most kind and selfless thing you can do with your partner. It will bring you closer to a community as well as with each other.

14. Go For Go-Karting or Trampoline Park

One is never too old to channel their inner child and revel in some fun and adventure and who is a better person to do that with than your one and only? Go to a trampoline park, jump around and get de-stressed or go for a go-karting session. Use this one of a kind date idea to reconnect with your inner child. 

15. Make a Romantic Playlist 

A modern touch to the classic mix-tape we made for our crushes back in school. Create a magical, musical journey for your partner and add all the songs that remind you of them. Play it on a long drive or over dinner and dwell into a romantic journey together. 

16. Take A Salsa Class 

Choose a place that plays your favourite tunes and dance the night away. Try something new and exciting and who knows, maybe this could become a regular thing you can do together? 

17. Do A Camping Night

After watching so many rom-coms, have we all dreamt of having the perfect night under the stars, sleeping inside of a tent, and curled up in a blanket? It counts for one of those cute date ideas that we can never stop thinking about. So, why just think of it when you can actually plan the most perfect night out with your partner and do it, straight out of a Hollywood movie? 

18. Participate In A Karaoke Night

Let the bathroom singer in you find its way to the mic with your partner. You can sing your hearts out, dance the night away while doing that and just enjoy yourselves while immersing in each other’s company, while doing it to your favourite songs! 

19. Attend A Standup Comedy Show 

There is no better way to enjoy an evening other than tickling your funny bone and laughing for two hours straight with your loved one. 

20. Recreate Your First Date

Go back to the cafe or the restaurant where you had your first date and recreate the night, only this time you can do it better by doing things you couldn’t do the first time. 

21. Do A Game Night 

Whether it’s playing poker, monopoly, jenga or even Play Station, stir up some snacks and drinks and do a game night marathon with your partner for a little fun and friendly competition. 

22. Go Row Boating Together

Take a trip to a nearby lake, it’s even better if you have one in your city and go for a slow and long boat ride where the two of you just paddle across the lake and enjoy the calming sounds of water, nature and laughter. 

23. Go Shopping Together

Whether it’s grocery shopping or shopping for new clothes, take a day and go on a shopping spree and treat yourselves to some ice cream after you’re done. 

24, Get A Fun Gift To Commemorate Your Date Night 

Get the Four More Shots, Please! gift hamper box for your better half and go from 0 to 100 in a jiffy. This box is the ultimate collection of premium barware for those who appreciate fine drinking experiences. Make every shot a shot to remember with this barware set and add a fun and wild twist to your date night. 

25. Get A Photoshoot Together 

How often do you get around to getting some beautiful, frame worthy photos of yourselves clicked? Hire a photographer and get a cute photoshoot done with some quirky poses and outfit changes. Not only will you end up with some beautiful photos of yourselves together, it will give you a chance to spend some quality time with your partner. 

Tips To Make Your Date Special

We’re always worried about whether or not our date will go as planned and if it will be everything they are hoping for. Here are some tips to make your date special and memorable. 

  • Be on time, for whatever activity you have planned. 
  • Show genuine interest and excitement.
  • Don’t hesitate to take the first step or initiative.
  • Compliment them on their outfit and tell them they look good. 
  • Get them flowers.
  • Appreciate their smile, it gives them confidence.

Remember Things Before Going On A Date

Before you go on a date, remember these points:

  • Don’t stress too much on making it perfect
  • Be yourself and keep calm
  • Up your listening game
  • Empathise with them and don’t try to bring them down
  • Avoid discussing things over text and just call instead
  • Avoid talking about topics that might make them feel uncomfortable
  • Get them a token of love and appreciation


Going out on a date doesn’t necessarily mean having to spend a lot of money and always doing something fancy. It’s about building intimacy and forming a deeper connection with your partner and that could be by doing the simplest things and finding ways to spend quality time with each other. 

You can start by making a bucket list of date ideas to try every weekend. To make your date feel more special, you can also show up on the date with a gift hamper from The Zappy Box. They have a wide range of customised gift hampers for all occasions. Whether you want to buy a crochet flower bouquet for them before your date or get the chef’s essentials ready before your baking night at home, they have a gift box for everything. With a personalised card and a handwritten message, make your date experience even more memorable. 

FAQs On Date Ideas

1. How to choose a perfect date idea?

Ans. Choose a perfect date idea by keeping in mind the other person’s interest. Find a common ground and choose an idea that you both can enjoy together.

2. How to plan a date?

To plan a date:

  1. Avoid busy times
  2. Clear your schedule beforehand
  3. Decide what you want to do based on both your moods
  4. Decide your budget
  5. Make sure you click lots of pictures to remember it. 

3. What to do on a date?

You can talk about things you don’t know about each other. Go for a long walk or a long drive, find an activity that interests both of you. Plan an adventure activity together. You can also go on a dinner date and enjoy your favourite meal together.