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Himalayan Multiflora Honey

₹ 70


(Inclusive of taxes)

Premium, unadulterated Multiflora honey gets its decadent flavor from a blend of multiple flower nectar from the Northern (Himalayan) regions of India. Our honey can be enjoyed on the go, mess free and it is 100% pure & antibiotic free.

Enjoy these single serve honey sachets straight up or with your favorite food or beverage. Some common ones include:
1. Warm water with Honey Twigs
2. Teas & Coffees: Green tea, Black tea or Coffee
3. For breakfast: Corn Flakes, Cereals, Muesli or Yogurt
4. Other food: Parathas, waffles or any other food that you wish to sweeten

Weight: 80g (10 twigs pack) 

Shelf Life: 18 Months