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Hues Of Happiness- A Guide To Unique Holi Gifts Online

Hues Of Happiness- A Guide To Unique Holi Gifts Online

Hues Of Happiness- A Guide To Unique Holi Gifts Online

The month of March brings an atmosphere of vibrant vibes. You can feel the joy around you, indicating the arrival of spring and the much-awaited festival of colors – Holi. This lively and exuberant celebration not only marks the triumph of good over evil but also evokes the fun spirit in each of us and serves as a joyous occasion to strengthen bonds, foster friendships, and embrace the spirit of togetherness. Holi encourages people to set aside their differences, forgive past grievances, and come together to celebrate the festival of colors.

Amidst the colorful splashes and the echoes of laughter, the tradition of exchanging Holi gifts adds extra color to the festivities. Selecting the perfect Holi hamper is not just a thoughtful gesture but a great way to express love, appreciation, and the joy of celebrating this auspicious occasion with your near and dear ones.

However, one might have to scroll through numerous websites with multiple options to find the most appropriate Holi gift hamper online. This might take away your precious time and energy, leaving you overwhelmed with choices. 

To save you from this hassle, we have curated a list of some of the best Holi gift boxes that will be the perfect complement to your Holi celebrations.


The essence of Holi lies in spreading love and happiness, and this Holi hamper is specially curated to contribute to that spirit. With a burst of colors and flavors, it can be the ideal hamper for gifting to your friends, family, or employees. The organic, eco-friendly colors ensure a playful and safe celebration for you and your loved ones. The sweets included in this hamper add a modern twist to the conventional Holi treats. 

You can also send a personalized handwritten greeting card along with your hamper to convey your warm wishes straight to your heart. Shop this hamper for your loved ones and make their Holi special!

This hamper includes- 

  • Nutgram Guilt Free Bites | 120 g
  • Carra Meetha Paan Dark Chocolate | 15 g
  • Happy Holi Box | Thandai & Pan Chocolates | Organic gulal | 100 g
  • Help Us Green Herbal Gulal | Mellow Yellow | 100 g
  • Greeting Card Of Your Choice
  • Reusable Zappy Sustainable Basket



Fun is always incomplete without food, and this gift hamper will not let you miss out! From savory snacks like roasted cashews to sweet surprises like oatmeal cookies, this holiday hamper has everything to satisfy your taste buds. Moreover, it comes with a beautiful floral tray that fits the Holi aesthetic perfectly.

This hamper includes:

  • Nutgram Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies | 75 g
  • Omay Foods Millets and Chana | 30 g
  • Omay Foods Khatta Meetha Mix | 65 g
  • Omay Foods Oats & Moong | 75 g
  • Omay Foods Roasted Cashews |75 g
  • Help Us Green Herbal Gulal | Colours: Pink & Blue
  • Greeting Card Of Your Choice
  • Reusable Floral MDF Tray



This Holi season, if you’re planning to get together with your loved ones, then don’t forget to take this hamper along. Bursting with vibrant hues of herbal gulal and brimming with both conventional and unique sweets, it makes your festival a colorful and delicious affair. So, get this Holi gift for your friends, family, and loved ones today!

This hamper includes: 

  • Eat Better Chocolate Coated Almonds | 40 g
  • Eat Better Chocolate Coated Cashews | 40 g
  • Help Us Green Herbal Gulal | Blissful Blue | 50 g
  • Help Us Green Herbal Gulal | Pleasant Pink | 50 g
  • Nirmalaya Traditional Thandai | Serves 10 glasses | 200 ml each
  • Decorative Flower
  • Greeting Card Of Your Choice
  • Reusable Zappy Wooden Slider Box



Holi celebration comes alive with colors, and what better way to revel in its spirit than with a Holi hamper packed with herbal gulal colors, a classic thandai mix, and fragrant dhoop sticks? The gulal holi colors are made from dried flower petals and natural ingredients like turmeric, neem, and palash, making the term “phoolon wali holi '' come to life. You can move past the worry of rashes and skin allergies because these colors are both skin-friendly and eco-friendly. No Holi celebration is complete without thandai, and our classic thandai has a rich, creamy flavor with no added preservatives. Additionally, the non-toxic dhoop sticks are infused with cardamom, which promotes a happy mood and a calm mind. Let this Holi gift box give you an experience that soothes your mind, rejuvenates your body, and uplifts your soul. 

This hamper contains:

  • Nirmalaya Organic Gulal | Pink | 30 g
  • Nirmalaya Organic Gulal | Yellow | 30 g
  • Nirmalaya Organic Gulal | Orange | 30 g
  • Nirmalaya Organic Gulal | Green | 30 g
  • Antarkranti Cardamom Dhoop Sticks | 40 incense cones
  • Nirmalaya Traditional Thandai | Serves 10 glasses | 200 ml each
  • Decorative Flower
  • Greeting Card Of Your Choice
  • Reusable Water Hyacinth Basket



A Holi hamper that is as lively as the festival itself! Indulge in the joy of munching on tasty snacks while immersing yourself in the playful exchange of colors. This hamper will add a festive flair to your celebrations and bring joy right to your doorstep. Gift it to your loved ones or treat yourself to a fun-filled celebration this Holi season. 

This hamper contains-

  • Nirmalaya Organic Gulal | Happy Yellow | 100 g
  • Nirmalaya Organic Gulal | Joyous Pink | 100 g
  • Nutgram Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies | 75 g
  • Nutgram Chocochunk Cookies | 75 g
  • Decorative Flowers
  • Greeting Card Of Your Choice
  • Reusable Floral MDF Tray


As you embark on this colorful journey of festivities, let these curated hampers be the carriers of your warmest wishes and expressions of love. If you wish to go for something more personalized, you can create your own hamper with these products and top it up with a personalized handwritten note. 

You can shop from the diverse range of Holi special hampers on our website. We hope The Zappy Box can be a part of your Holi celebrations and bring love and positivity to your home and relationships. We look forward to spreading the festive cheer and making your Holi truly special. 

Wishing you a colorful and blissful celebration ahead!