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7 Books That Every Bibliophile Will Love

7 Books That Every Bibliophile Will Love

7 Books That Every Bibliophile Will Love

Do you feel bored with giving the same gifts repeatedly? Are you seeking something distinct, imaginative, and personalized? Your search ends here! We've got just the thing for you - books! Yes, you read it right! Not just any book, but the ones that every bibliophile will adore. What makes books an even more attractive gift option is the fact that they are versatile. You can pair them with other thoughtful gifts like bookmarks, reading lights, or even a blanket to just enjoy your me-time. Ranging from memoirs to motivational books, we have everything you need. Read along to find everlasting gift ideas to make your loved ones smile ear to ear. 


1. Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike

This book is a must-read for all sneakerheads and sports enthusiasts. In ‘Shoe Dog’ Phil Knight shares his journey of how he went from selling shoes out of his car trunk to building the global brand that is Nike today. It's a fascinating tale of entrepreneurship, innovation, and determination.

2. Delivering Happiness By Tony Hsieh


Gift this book to someone who's working to create a successful and fulfilling career. Tony Hsieh shares his experience of building Zappos - a billion-dollar shoe company that revolutionized the online retail industry in ‘Delivering Happiness’. The book offers insights into company culture, customer service, and the importance of work-life balance. 

3. Atomic Habits by James Clear


A book that talks about making a positive change in life. In ‘Atomic Habits’ James Clear offers a practical and proven framework for building good habits and breaking bad ones. The book is full of actionable advice that will help readers create sustainable and lasting changes in their lives. 

4. How to Live a Zero-Waste Life Book

Is your giftee someone who is interested in practising a sustainable lifestyle? The author of ‘How to Live a Zero-Waste Life’ Beata Bienkowska offers tips, tricks, and practical advice for reducing waste and living a more eco-friendly life. She covers everything from reducing plastic waste to composting to shopping for sustainable products.

5. 30 Women in Power: Their Voices, Their Stories

Looking for inspiration and motivation? ‘30 Women in Power’ profiles 30 women who have made their mark in various fields, including business, politics, and sports. The book offers insights into their personal and professional journeys and highlights the challenges they faced and overcame.


6. Ikigai 


The key message this book perpetuates is about the importance of discovering your Ikigai, or your reason for being. By exploring one’s passion, skills, values, and what the world needs, people can uncover their unique purpose in life. The book offers a range of exercises and practical advice for discovering Ikigai. It includes identifying core values, reflecting on childhood dreams, and finding the right balance between challenge and comfort. By following these exercises,  one can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and what drives you, and begin to create a life that aligns with your Ikigai.

7. Start with Why


Wanna know how great leaders inspire everyone to take action? This book emphasizes the importance of starting with a clear sense of purpose and mission. Sinek argues that the most successful organizations and leaders are those who are able to articulate their why or their deeper purpose and values. This sense of purpose inspires employees, customers, and partners to become passionate and engaged in their work, leading to greater success and impact.

We hope you found our list of books inspiring and helpful. Whether you're looking to gift a book to a friend or family member, or simply looking for a good read for yourself, these books are sure to delight and motivate you. At The Zappy Box, we specialize in creating tailor-made gift hampers for any occasion. From books and chocolates to skincare, we've got a wide range of products that are perfect for any occasion. So, why not reach out to us and let us help you create the perfect gift box for those you cherish? Books are timeless and thoughtful gifts that will never go out of style. With so many genres and topics to choose from, there's a book out there for everyone. So, go ahead and gift a book today - you never know, it might just be the best gift they ever receive!