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Creating Memorable Onboarding Experiences: Impactful Welcome Kit Ideas for New Hires

Creating Memorable Onboarding Experiences: Impactful Welcome Kit Ideas for New Hires

Creating Memorable Onboarding Experiences: Impactful Welcome Kit Ideas for New Hires

Onboarding process is a very essential part of any corporate experience, as it sets the tone for the entire adventure ahead!

You can't create a memorable onboarding experience for your new employee by just checking the boxes and doing paperwork, you have to get creative to make it an experience that leaves a mark. It's about crafting a journey that's engaging, delightful, and downright unforgettable for your new hires. A thoughtful welcome of the new employees has the ability to enhance retention, foster loyalty, and ultimately contribute to the overall organizational growth and success.

What would be a better way to make it memorable, than a thoughtfully curated employee welcome kit?

Let us dive into the importance of onboarding gifts, good gifting options, and why it is beneficial. Explore the various welcome kits for new employees.

Benefits of Creating a New Employee Welcome Kit

What is the need to have welcome kits for new employees? This is a valid question. Joining a new company is like starting a new journey. It is important to make the new joinees feel welcomed in the company. Here are some benefits of creating a new employee welcome gift:

1. Positive First Impression: Giving an employee welcome kit can deliver a good impression on the new hires. It is the first impression of the company, and a positive first impression can ensure a longer term of employment with the organization.

2. Boosts Morale: Onboarding welcome kit for new employees boosts morale and encourages the new hires to develop a sense of belonging. It shows that the company cares about its employees.

3. Fosters Healthy Relationship and Attachment: It is important that employees feel a connection with the company, so that they give their best for the organization. Thoughtful joining kits for new employees can ensure that employees feel excited to be a part of the company.

Personalized Welcome Kits Ideas for New Employees to Kick Start Their Journey

If you are not sure what should be included in the welcome kits for new employees, here are some pre-curated employee new hire gift kits that you can check out: 

1. The New Hire #1

The New Hire #1  onboarding welcome kit for new employees contains all the essentials for your new office member. This kit includes a stainless-steel water bottle in matte black finish, A5 hardbound diary, metallic pen, Colombian Brew instant coffee and Loyka almond brittle. 

2. The New Hire #2

This New Hire #2 is a variation of the New Hire welcome kits that also has the stainless-steel bottle and diary, along with a premium parker pen. It also features a reusable Zappy gift box for sustainable gifting practices, ensuring your gift is as eco-friendly as it is thoughtful.

3. Welcome to the Squad

This Welcome to the Squad new hire welcome kit contains a hot & cold double wall insulated bottle, a premium A5 diary with a leather textured cover, a metallic pen, and Omay food’s berries mix. Along with this, it includes a greeting card to extend warm wishes for the new joinees.

4. You Go Girl

This You Go Girl thoughtfully crafted new hire welcome kit has multiple useful items for the new member of your office family. It contains an inspirational book, a stainless-steel travel mug, TGL Co. signature filter coffee, wooden coasters, Loyka almond brittle box, Daarzel 70% intense dark chocolate, and a greeting card of your choice to make the new female employee in your office feel welcomed. 

5. Welcome Aboard

This Welcome aboard employee gift kit has two variations. You can choose from Hamper 1 or Hamper 2, whichever resonates with you. 

Hamper 1 Includes:

  • Single Wall Stainless Steel Bottle | Black with Matte Finish 
  • Premium A5 Hardbound Diary | Color: Black
  • Metallic Pen
  • D&F Dark Spanish Orange Chocolate 

Hamper 2 Includes:

  • Single Wall Stainless Steel Bottle | Color: Red
  • Premium A5 Diary | Color: Brown | Leather Textured Cover
  • Metallic Pen | Color: Black
  • Pencil
  • D&F- Roasted Dark Almond Chocolate| Set of 2

6. Work Motivation

What motivates people better than delicious treats? This Work Motivation gift hamper contains a motivational book to promote constant learning amongst employees. Along with this, it has various eatables like Loyka almond brittle, TGL Co. morning motivation instant coffee, Tea Heaven’s wellness collection tea bags, and Omay food berries mix. It also contains a stainless-steel travel cup with a lid. For the book, you can choose between Leaders Eat Last or Start with Why by Simon Sinek, according to your preference. 

7.  Brew Break

Coffee is an essential element in any office, right? So, you can welcome your employees with this Brew Break gift kit, conveying that they are free to enjoy their coffee anytime they want. This gift kit contains a cute handmade ceramic mug, Columbian Brew instant coffee, Nutgram’s guilt free bites, and Cambridge Tea Party tea bags. Along with this, the employees would also get a greeting card and a reusable Zappy gift box. 

8. Sip & Schedule

You can also check out this Sip & Schedule welcome kits for new employees that contains a pair of fly away socks by Mint & Oak, a Sleepy Owl original instant coffee, an A5 undated planner ceramic ribbed mug, and To-Do-List notes. This contains all the basic essentials for the new hires. 


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FAQs on Welcome Kits for New Employees

1. What should be included in a welcome pack for new employees?

The basic essentials like stationery, water bottle, coffee mug etc. that would be required by the new hires, can be included in the joining kits for new employees. 

2. What is the importance of an employee welcome kit?

Welcome gifts for new employees are essential for creating a good impression on the new joinees, and boost their morale.

3. How can welcome kits contribute to a positive onboarding experience beyond paperwork?

New hire welcome kits can be a great way to kick start the exciting journey of the new employee. It boosts morale, increases engagement and can have a positive impact on employee retention and productivity.