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Happy Birthday Songs Playlist to Elevate Your Celebration

Happy Birthday Songs Playlist to Elevate Your Celebration

Happy Birthday Songs Playlist to Elevate Your Celebration

Birthdays are celebrations of life. It was the day when we made our first noise, and the world around us rejoiced in the news of our arrival. Our parents brimmed with joy, happiness, and laughter witnessing the unique, fun, and childish whims of us. As days pass, and we grow older, we understand how every birthday welcomes new knowledge and takes us toward the days of wisdom. So this day deserves its songs, and a party to commemorate your arrival. No birthday party is complete without the perfect soundtrack. No matter how you plan to celebrate the day, selecting the right birthday celebration song can set the mood for the event, and elevate the entire experience. 

The tradition of singing birthday songs dates back centuries, with the most famous being "Happy Birthday to You" by Patty, and Mildred J. Hill. But today's songs for a birthday party have evolved far beyond the traditional. From upbeat dance tracks to cheerful ballads, the variety of birthday songs available is extensive. So creating a birthday song playlist that appears very own, and honours the vibe of the birthday party can make your celebration truly special. This blog will guide you through the top party songs for birthday parties to ensure your soundtrack is nothing short of perfect: 

15+ Birthday Celebration Songs

So let’s check out the ultimate playlist of happy birthday songs to make your special day unforgettable:

1. "Happy Birthday to You" by Patty Hill and Mildred J. Hill 

The classic that started it all. Simple, universally recognized, and perfect for any age, your playlist for birthday parties remains incomplete without this staple from 1893 in your party song collection.\

2. Taare Kitne Neel Gagan Pe

Bollywood has some of the best birthday songs that you can play from a kid’s birthday to an octogenarian’s birthday party. This timeless classic by Lata Mangeshkar, and Mohd. Rafi from the film Aap Ayee Bahar Ayee takes you back to the nostalgic golden days of the 80s, and 90s. 

3. Birthday by Jordan Sandhu

Apart from the classics as mentioned above, peppy, and fun songs like this must also secure a place in your birthday party dance songs to set the mood for the evening.  

4. "Birthday" by The Beatles  

An energetic and iconic song, The Beatles' "Birthday" brings a rock-and-roll vibe to your birthday party celebration. Its catchy tune and upbeat tempo make it ideal to celebrate the event with a bang with friends, and families.

5. "Celebration" by Kool & The Gang  

Though not a traditional birthday song, "Celebration" is a must-have on any birthday party playlist. If you want everyone to be in a fun party-like mood for the celebration, its joyful lyrics and lively beat can get everyone on the dance floor.

6. "Birthday" by Katy Perry  

Playful and upbeat, Katy Perry’s “Birthday” will surely get everyone dancing. Its party-themed lyrics make it perfect for adult birthday celebrations.

7. Baar Baar Ye Din Aye

Another Bollywood classic in the list of evergreen Happy Birthday songs, this Mohd. Rafi's single from the film Farz deserves a place in this amalgamation of the best birthday celebration songs. The upbeat music and rhythm of the song make it a perfect party song.

8. Tum Jiyo Hazaro Saal

Birthday celebration remains incomplete without this timeless number of Asha Bhosle from the film Sujata. It’s about wishing a long, happy, healthy life for the birthday person by the singer. 

9. Forever Young 

This Rod Stewart classic wishes a lifetime of joy, happiness, and laughter for the birthday boy/girl. This soft rock number was released in 1988 and has always been chosen as one of the best songs for a birthday party as the song supports the person about whose birthday you are so excited. 

10. Birthday Cake  

This Rihanna song is loved, and heavily appreciated by those who enjoy a bit of R&B and pop fusion. 

11. Happy Birthday  

Stevie Wonder's soulful rendition of the birthday song is especially great for more intimate or family-oriented gatherings.

12. Time of Our Lives by Pitbull & Ne-Yo  

A perfect blend of celebration and nostalgia, this track from 2014 is great for commemorating a birthday party and you include this as one of the birthday party dance songs.

13. Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai

Party songs for birthdays can be as colourful and upbeat as this popular party anthem by Aastha Gill and Badshah from the film Khoobsurat. This well-known Hindi song often gets played at various parties.

14. Chote, Tera Birthday Aaya 

If you are celebrating the birthday of a little one, you cannot skip this song for birthday celebrations. This upbeat, and adorable birthday song can take anyone in their childhood days and let them celebrate the party with child-like zeal and enthusiasm.

15. Aww Tera Happy Bday

This Sachin-Jigar-composed song exudes the truest essence of the birthday celebration of young lads and lasses. Play this upbeat song on your birthday and let your friends and cousins enjoy the day to their fullest with food, drinks, and fun.

16. Happy Birthday to you, Mr. Pedro

In the list of classic birthday songs, you must add this vintage piece. Indian partygoers will surely move their hips to the cheery vibe of this Madhuri Dixit, and Jacky Shroff starred song. 

17. In Da Club by 50 Cent

If you're looking for something with a bit of edge, 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’ is a modern classic. While this song is about asking everyone to party like it’s your birthday, its famous line, "Go shorty, it's your birthday," has made it a birthday anthem in its own right.

18. It's My Party by Lesley Gore

This Hollywood classic by Lesley Gore is all about having fun and being fun on your birthday without the fear of judgement from others around you.

The perfect birthday celebration involves more than just decorations and cake, it’s about creating the ambience to make your guests feel welcomed, and cheerful, and let them dance with gusto. The right happy birthday song playlist can make the party lively, memorable, and enjoyable for everyone. Whether you stick to classics or mix in some contemporary hits, these birthday songs are sure to add magic to your special day. And the day becomes extra special as you get your hands on a pre-packed gift for your birthday from The Zappy Box. It’s the only gift hamper online store where you will find a massive selection of gift hampers categorised by recipients, occasion, festivals, and collection such as birthday gift hampers, anniversary gift hampers, etc. So, turn up the volume, hit the dance floor, and celebrate another wonderful year of life with the perfect soundtrack.


1. What is the traditional birthday song?

The traditional birthday song to Indian audiences is ‘Baar Baar Din Ye Aaye’.

2. Can I use copyrighted birthday songs in public celebrations?

Using copyrighted music in public celebrations typically requires permission or a licence. Many venues have licences that cover the performance of copyrighted songs, but it’s always best to check with the venue or event organiser to ensure compliance.

3. Can I find funny or parody birthday songs?

There are plenty of funny or parody birthday songs available online. The most popular one is ‘squashed tomatoes and stew’. It’s a great way to end the party with this song, and let your guests leave with a humorous memory that they can share with their friends, and family for years to come.